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Girls Sensory Compression Shirt - Cute Girl’s Compression Shirt/Proprioceptive Therapy for SPD/Help Calm & Focus
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Our fun compression top is made of comfy 4-way stretch fabric which allows the child to work or play creatively and actively. Can be worn as an outer or inner garment providing deep pressure calming and organizing sensory input.

Colors Available:


  • No tags (one tear away tag) to limit sensory sensitivity increasing calmness and focus capabilities of child
  • Comfy 4 way stretch fabric
  • Allows for safe play. Can be worn as inner or under garment
  • Fun "Flower Power" motif
  • Non restrictive fabric allows full movement of child
  • Machine washable

Special Features:

  • Gentle deep pressure assists with self calming, organization, enhancing a preferred level of alertness, increased focus, and improved body awareness
  • Non invasive therapeutic opportunity
  • Helps regulate the proprioceptive sensory system through deep pressure input
  • Provides opportunities for comfort and compression during work or fun and interactive play

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