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Blog About Children with Special Needs - ADHD, Stress, Down Syndrome

Jump into Spring with Shamrock Hop Scotch

Fun Sensory Game, Benefits, and so much more

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Wooden Snowman Quiet Activity Board

Skills: fine motor, bilateral skills, fastenings, pinch strength, crossing midline, etc.

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Sensory Motor Christmas Tree Activity

Chalked full of good fine motor, sensory, bilateral, visual, and motor planning skill building

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Vertical Surface Tree Decorating Activity

Benefits of Working on a vertical-surface helps to promote Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Midline Crossing, Hand Stabilization for better pencil grasp, Visual Perceptual and Eye-Hand Coordination, Core Strength and Posture, Sensory and Spatial Awareness!

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SIMPLE FUN idea for your kids the week before Halloween

Everyday have a new and different Halloween coloring page for your kids to color.

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Heart Painted Plates

Paint to your hearts content with this fun Sensory Valentine Activity.

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Heart Rocks

The sensory benefits of this tactile Valentine project is gripping skills, crossing midline, motor planning , sequencing, vestibular/proprioceptive and positive emotions.

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Enriching your Child’s Sensory Environment Within their Typical Routine

When addressing the sensory needs of your child it is important to be under the guide of professionals with a strong working knowledge of Sensory Processing, Sensory Processing Disorder, and its effects on the child’s responses and self-regulation.

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Jack O'Lanterns Raceway

Try out Jack O'Lanterns Raceway for an awesome sensory game

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