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Kozie Medical and G-Tube One-piece bodysuit boys/steel grey & navy /THE CHARLIE
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The CHARLIE is Kozie’s little BOY STEEL GREY & NAVY Bodysuit. It is carefully designed for baby, toddler and the small child receiving G tube feeding/abdominal feeding, Monitors, Leads, Ports, I-V's, Trachea, etc. This bodysuit easily gives the option for the baby/child to be dressed while laying on their back. This adorable sensory soft Kozie Bodysuit offers all front snap closure and snap closure at both shoulders and crotch for quick accessibility to G- Tube, Ports, cleaning around traches, clean up from drool, spit up, diapering/potty, etc. The overlaying belt/band covers the belly for added support and protection from little grabbing hands. Now there can be easy no overhead dressing in a soft combed cotton. Designed with the assistance of Pediatric Nurses, Special Needs Parents, and Sensory Therapists.

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