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Vertical Surface Tree Decorating Activity

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Benefits of Working on a vertical-surface helps to promote Gross and Fine Motor, Midline Crossing, Hand Stabilization for better pencil grasp, Visual Perceptual and Eye-Hand Coordination, Core Strength and Posture, and Sensory and Spatial Awareness!


  • Large Foam Matt Board, (we used 2’ X 3’white)

  • Large green construction paper (we put two pieces together horizontally)

  • Pre-cut out Holiday Felt pieces, or make your own (We bought ours at Michaels Craft Store)

  • Velcro sticky pack Hook and Loop squares (we choose black for increase visual stim against the green)

  • Glue

  • Scissor and pencil


  1. Fold green paper in half so bringing shorter sides of paper together.

  2. Start at top of the fold and draw one half of a tree shape down to bottom of the paper

  3. Cut out the tree along the pencil drawing (not across the fold)

  4. Open up and glue tree onto the foam board

  5. When dry strategically place sticky Velcro loop around the tree (we put on top for a star)

  6. Place sticky Velcro Hoop onto the back side of your shapes.

  7. Hang tree or stand tree vertically on the wall, door, etc.

  8. Let the decorating begin! Over and Over again

  9. Feel for the rough hook Velcro on the back with dominant hand, and feel for the soft hook on the tree bringing the object to the tree.

Variation: Add different shapes to your decorations

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