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Blog About Children with Special Needs - ADHD, Stress, Down Syndrome

Wooden Snowman Quiet Activity Board

Skills: fine motor, bilateral skills, fastenings, pinch strength, crossing midline, etc.

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Sensory Motor Christmas Tree Activity

Chalked full of good fine motor, sensory, bilateral, visual, and motor planning skill building

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Vertical Surface Tree Decorating Activity

Benefits of Working on a vertical-surface helps to promote Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Midline Crossing, Hand Stabilization for better pencil grasp, Visual Perceptual and Eye-Hand Coordination, Core Strength and Posture, Sensory and Spatial Awareness!

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SIMPLE FUN idea for your kids the week before Halloween

Everyday have a new and different Halloween coloring page for your kids to color.

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Heart Painted Plates

Paint to your hearts content with this fun Sensory Valentine Activity.

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Heart Rocks

The sensory benefits of this tactile Valentine project is gripping skills, crossing midline, motor planning , sequencing, vestibular/proprioceptive and positive emotions.

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Enriching your Child’s Sensory Environment Within their Typical Routine

When addressing the sensory needs of your child it is important to be under the guide of professionals with a strong working knowledge of Sensory Processing, Sensory Processing Disorder, and its effects on the child’s responses and self-regulation.

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Jack O'Lanterns Raceway

Try out Jack O'Lanterns Raceway for an awesome sensory game

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Sensory Processing Difficulties – Dressing For Success, Kozie article published by Autism Parenting Magazine.

Many Children with Aspergers experience sensory processing difficulties or sensory processing disorder (SPD). Sensory Processing is the neurological processing and interpretation of sensation within one's own body and from the environment.

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