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Blog About Children with Special Needs - ADHD, Stress, Down Syndrome

Heart Painted Plates

Paint to your hearts content with this fun Sensory Valentine Activity.

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Heart Rocks

The sensory benefits of this tactile Valentine project is gripping skills, crossing midline, motor planning , sequencing, vestibular/proprioceptive and positive emotions.

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Enriching your Child’s Sensory Environment Within their Typical Routine

When addressing the sensory needs of your child it is important to be under the guide of professionals with a strong working knowledge of Sensory Processing, Sensory Processing Disorder, and its effects on the child’s responses and self-regulation.

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Jack O'Lanterns Raceway

Try out Jack O'Lanterns Raceway for an awesome sensory game

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Sensory Processing Difficulties – Dressing For Success, Kozie article published by Autism Parenting Magazine.

Many Children with Aspergers experience sensory processing difficulties or sensory processing disorder (SPD). Sensory Processing is the neurological processing and interpretation of sensation within one's own body and from the environment.

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Kozie Clothes is proud to share a recent "About Us" article from The Reading Eagle.

We are especially thrilled Kimberly did such a great job bringing Sensory Issues to the forefront.

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Adapted Ball Games for Children on the Spectrum

You can adapt a traditional game like T-ball or Kickball to different levels if you have a group of children with various abilities.

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6 Expert Ways to Help Your Sensory-Sensitive Child Dress

Many children on the autism spectrum are hypersensitive to touch. This can include hypersensitivity to certain fabrics or surfaces. Sensory difficulties are individual to each child. Some may be mildly affected, while others have greater difficulty functioning in life.

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Helping kids Cope with Transition; A Social Story

How will I Cope with . . .

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Helpful Tips For Traveling With Feeding Tubes

It may seem chaotic to travel when someone in your family relies on a feeding tube, but what can you do about it? Whether you are heading to visit grandma or finally taking that once-in-a-lifetime vacation, a little forethought goes a long way to improving the experience. The real trick is to plan a

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