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Blog About Children with Special Needs - ADHD, Stress, Down Syndrome

Ghostly Bowling

A fun seasonal activity filled with sensory opportunities. This activity works on Sequencing, Visual motor skills, Gross motor coordination, Vestibular & Proprioceptive skills, Fine Motor, and Bilateral skills .

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CORE STRENGTH does your child have it?

Core strength exists as a foundation for all-encompassing physical development.

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12 Tips to Helping Your Child be Less Stressed

Children with sensory challenges tend to prefer predictability, schedules, and routines. When changes in daily life get in the way, routine structure is not always possible. Any change in routine or adding something to their agenda can cause elevated stress in your child. During this time the b

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Praxis/Dyspraxia Syndrome

Praxis/Dyspraxia Syndrome and Benefits of Proprioceptive and Deep Tactile Pressure Input What is Praxis? A complex multi-step neurological process, which directs motor action and happens automatically or subconsciously. This involves planning the movement and how to carry it out.

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Down Syndrome

DOWN SYNDROME is the most common genetic condition effecting one is every 691 babies. Down Syndrome is a Chromosomal Disorder, a Developmental Disorder of one extra Chromosome. The result of this one extra Chromosome is an impairment of physical and cognitive abiliti

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School Occupational Therapy - Collaboration, Communication, Proa

Occupational Therapy services for the special needs child in the school setting is considered a related service provided to enhance the student's ability to adapt, function in the educational setting, and support educational goals. School based therapists focus on removing barriers from these st

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Sleep Strategies for the Summer

Summer is a wonderful time to engage your child in an array of fabulous sensory experiences. Summer is also the time when many children's schedules are less consistent and activity is greater ... which may cause a heightened arousal level. Because of this, bedtime may be more challenging. Addr

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School's Back! What's Next for Your Child?

School's Back!

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Summer Activity - Obstacle Courses

At Kozie Clothes, we know that all children can benefit from physical activity that involve well-thought-out motor, multi-sensory, and cognitive experiences. For children who have difficulty navigating their environment, the world can be a scary and

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