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Why We keep our Kozie Family Close


Every Kozie item is made from fabric that is purchased and assembled here in the United States. Every item purchased from us is crafted according to the high quality standards that are not always guaranteed in overseas manufacturing.

The employees involved in every step of our process are part of a U.S. based company that adheres to employment law and keeps their employees safe while treating them fairly. Many international warehouses still operate as sweatshops with unsafe and poor conditions for their employees

The manufacturing processes used in the United States must adhere to a stricter set of environmental protection regulations than many current developing countries that are popular for manufacturing clothing.

Kozie has strong relationships with all of our U.S. vendors who are dependable and communicative. Often there are communication gaps and reliability issues when using vendors located internationally, which causes quality issues and service gaps that affect the customer.

More work kept within the United States means more jobs for our children and grandchildren; thus supporting our country’s overall economic landscape and preventing unemployment.

Purchasing products made in the United States demonstrates concern for each other, standards of quality in the product, concern for the environment, and the future of our country.

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