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Unisex Children's Denim Sensory Weighted Vest
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For Children with Special Needs/Proprioceptive Therapy for SPD 

The vest comes with FIVE inside weights placed in our 5 inside pockets which can also house ADDED accessory weights (sold separately). Consult with a Sensory Occupational Therapist or contact us with questions for more information.

Colors Available: Blue with Denim Placket

Fabric / Material: Cotton / Poly Pile Berber


  • No tags (one tear away tag) to limit sensory sensitivity increasing calmness and focus capabilities of child
  • Contrast placket
  • The inside vest is lined with a light weight cotton fabric containing 5 pockets where weights can be added transitioning the vest to a “Weighted Vest” performance garment.
  • The front of the vest has Velcro closure with faux button closure overlay to enhance timely dressing independence as well as provide and appropriate proprioceptive fine motor sensory input.

Special Features:

Cargo Pocket: Our Signature Pocket (see detail)

  • The top flap provides fastening practice through buttoning and snapping. This does not operate the pocket.
  • The bottom Velcro flap operates the pocket and provides proprioceptive feedback through the Velcro.
  • Inside the pocket are fidgets sewn in to help the sensory system calm. Improves awareness and organization.
  • The pocket is on the right front for spatial organization.

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