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"First make a product that works, then make it cute and easy to use."

— Susan Donohoe

CEO and founder of Kozie Clothes

About Susan Donohoe

Susan Donohoe - Founder of Kozie Clothes

Susan Donohoe is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with a Certification in Sensory Integration, Sensory Enrichment Therapy, ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider, and SIPT testing. She has additional background experience in burn and hand therapy, has a second degree in Physical Education, and is a mother to 6 children.

Susan started this passion project after decades as a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and realized there were so few options for therapeutically effective, stylish, and well-fitting clothing for kids and babies with special needs.

Through many years of working closely with educators, therapists, nursing professionals, manufacturers, and experts in design, she founded Kozie Clothes in 2013 as a way to incorporate Neuroscience Principles into fashionable, on-trend, adaptive clothing and products for children with sensory and other medical needs.

About Kozie Clothes

Kozie Clothes is committed to serving the unique need for stylish, fun, and therapeutic clothing and products for the Pediatric Special Needs community. At Kozie Clothes we believe that all children are unique, and deserve to feel comfortable and happy every day. We have a wide range of sensory engineered clothing and solutions for kids of all ages, as well as products designed for toddlers, newborns, and preemies who require ongoing medical care.

After starting with their compression line, which has now become one of the leading manufacturers of sensory compression clothing, Kozie expanded offerings to include baby bodysuits adapted for ease of care, medical treatments such as G tube feeding and IVs, as well as weighted toys and blankets.

Halloween Lady Bug Suit for Children | Kozie Clothes

In 2016 an RN working with the care of infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome reached out after seeing what Kozie Clothes was all about. She had a need for something to support the development of babies born from drug addicted mothers. Susan came up with the idea of a torso weighted pad for infants which she manufactured and provided for a study. After three years of hands-on testing, it was found that the prototype effectively reduced infant heart rates to a healthy range and decreased overall measures from the Finnegan scale, which assesses the 21 most common signs of neonatal drug withdrawal syndrome. Additionally, the infants slept better and feeding was improved. She has since continued this process to develop the Patented Kozie Medical Sock and G-tube support. 

Kozie Clothes continues to add to their product line and creates content for those seeking a better understanding behind what we do. In addition to the information provided for each product on our site, we can be found on facebook and Instagram. Susan prides herself on Kozie’s personal customer service and often connects directly with parents looking for her professional knowledge. 
Let’s talk more! Susan is happy to consult with her consumers to navigate their individual needs. Reach out at,  or 484.624.5751.

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