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Valentine Bean Bag Toss


  1. Bean Bags - we are using Kozie Sensory Bean Bags

  2. Flat Heart shapes - we are using place mats but you can use heart paper cut outs from a craft store or make your own by using a sturdy paper like card stock.

  3. Bosu Therapy Ball - you can use any surface that requires balance such as a foam board, wobble board, balance pad/discs or a firm pillow.

Addition to make it more difficult and a scored game

Write a number value on each heart to score the game. Lowest point for the closest target and so on so that the highest score is the most difficult distance

How to play

  1. Lay out the Hearts in a row starting from the point in front of the child. Space one after another using a spacing you feel is a just right challenge for the child.

  2. Now have the child toss the bean bags on to the unnumbered hearts while standing on flat ground as practice tossing the bean bags onto the heart shapes.  

  3. Next, add the number value to each heart to make it more difficult and a game to play with other children, with an adult, or just see how they might improve their score.

Make it more of a challenge

  • Toss the bean bags while standing on the uneven surface. For example Bosu Therapy Ball.

  • Toss the bean bags while standing on one foot.

  • Toss the bean bags alternating each throwing arm.

  • Increase the spacing between each heart.


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