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Special needs clothing can be adorable


Kozie Clothes provides a cute and thoughtful clothing and accessory line designed with special and medical needs in mind

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Why Your Child Might Need

Sensory Friendly Clothing

Due to difficulty processing sensory information, Children may have difficulty succeeding in school, home, and in social situations. Kozie’s sensory products can help your child calm, attend, and focus, and therefore experience more success across their daily activities.

Halloween lady bug costume | Kozie Clothes

Adaptive clothing for kids is


friendly clothing for kids

Weight and Compression sensory input provide deep pressure which helps calm the central nervous system. These are non-invasive, safe, and helpful strategies to assist with improving your child's activity level, attention, anxiety, sleep, and daily performance.

When Your Child Requires

Medical Interventions

Kozie’s adaptive clothing and accessories are designed to make it safe and easy to receive and access treatment sites and dress and undress your child, including being able to safely dress your child while laying on their back.

G-Tube one-piece baby bodysuit | Kozie Clothes
G-Tube For Feeding - Kozie Clothes
Charlie Tube

G-Tube Feeding

Blue bib bandana | Kozie Clothes
Babies Bib Back - Kozie Clothes
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High-performance Bib

Yellow Medical Socks for kids | Kozie Clothes
Kids Medical Socks
Medical Socks by Kozie Clothes

Medical Socks

What’s the difference between Sensory Clothing and Adaptive Clothing?

Let's talk Sensory Clothing versus Adaptive Clothing, parent to parent. Sensory clothing goes beyond just being soft or tagless— it's tailored to meet our kids' sensory needs head-on, offering comfort, focus, and that grounded feeling they crave. Our line of compression tanks and turtlenecks support sensory needs and wrap the wearer in the perfect calming hug. On the other hand, adaptive clothing steps in to tackle practical challenges like dressing, managing medical gear, and working around medical care, such as our medical adaptive clothing. Our focus remains on enhancing comfort and independence for our little ones and the ones that care for them

At Kozie Clothes, we're all about supporting our kids' central nervous systems (CNS) with style and ease. Our sensory gear isn't just about looks; it's about making life simpler and more comfortable for our unique kiddos. By tapping into deep pressure sensory input, we're helping regulate arousal levels, promoting relaxation, and providing the support our sensory champs need. Occupational therapists are on board too, incorporating our gear into their strategies. So, let's outfit our kids in confidence and "koziness"— because they deserve nothing but the best!

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Anxiety Disorders
Postural Control Disorders
Coordination Disorders
Hyperactivity or Restlessness
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Neurological Conditions
Congenital Variations
Genetic Syndromes
Respiratory Conditions
Swallowing Dysphagia
Developmental Delays

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Badge - Made in USA by Kozie Clothes

Made In USA

Kozie have direct control and contact with manufacturers. Because of that, all Kozie products meet the US standard requirements for medical purposes.

Stylish & Functional Cothes | Kozie Clothes

Stylish & Functional

Kozie clothes are constructed for the most optimal therapeutic effect, without sacrificing the look. Children deserve to look the best in our contemporary styled clothing.

Optimal Performance | Kozie Clothes

Optimal Performance

Kozie uses Nylon spandex for compression products. Superior to cotton, this fabric is extremely durable, lightweight, 4-way stretchable, moisture-wicking and breathable.

Customer Service by Kozie Clothes

Customer Service

Kozie provides the highest quality, personalized shopping experience and support to all of our customers. Kozie pride ourselves on innovation. Reach out for custom solutions.