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Bean Bag Games

Updated: Jan 26

Bean Bags have always been a favorite toy across generations. They’re safe to use inside and outside and can be used to promote so many wonderful Sensory Experiences through play.

So, let’s get started!

tic tac toe bean bag game sensory experience for kids by kozie clothes

Bean Bag Games That Kids Love

Here are some games using bean bags that will keep kids entertained while helping them in their development!

1. Bean Bag Tic Tac Toe

Make a board with sidewalk chalk or tape to play tic tac toe. As an added challenge, have the child leaning over a therapy ball supporting themselves with one arm and playing with the other.

2. Baby in the Air

3. Homemade Cornhole for Kids

4. Hit a Target for Points

5. Play Hot Potato

6. Bean Bag Relay Race

7. “Egg Toss” With Bean Bags

8. Bean Bag Balance Game

9. Bean Bag Sliding Board

10. Scavenger Hunt for Kids

11. Bean Bag Hula Hoop Toss

12. Paper Plate Toss Game

13. Bean Bag Passing Game

14. Toss Game With Targets

15. Bean Bag Tossing Race

16. Trampoline Activity

The games you can play safely with Bean Bags are endless. Just use a little imagination.

bean bag toss game sensory experience for kids by kozie clothes

Benefits of Bean Bag Activities for Kids

In the ever-evolving world of children's entertainment, finding activities that seamlessly blend fun and developmental benefits can be a rewarding challenge for parents and caregivers. Bean bag games are a versatile and engaging pastime that go beyond their apparent simplicity.

Let's explore the plethora of advantages that bag games offer, making them an indispensable addition to your child's playtime routine.


1. Improve Hand-Eye Coordination in Kids

Bean bag games actively enhance hand-eye coordination in kids as they learn to aim and throw the bags towards a target. This precision-based children’s activity sharpens visual tracking skills, fostering a connection between what the eyes perceive and the hands execute.

2.  Improve Motor Coordination

3. Better Balance

4. Increase Spatial Awareness With Vestibular Sensory Input

5.  Help Children Find a Sense of Self With Proprioceptive Sensory Input

6. Build Stamina and Endurance Through Play

7. Tactile Input Helps Kids Explore Textures Through Play

8. Play Without Worries With Soft, Safe Toys

9. Indoor or Outdoor Game

10. Bridging Brain Hemispheres By Crossing Midline

11. Bean Bags Do Not Roll Away

12. Decrease Frustration Tolerance

13. Improve Fine Motor Skills With Grasping and Releasing Practice

14. Can Be a Jump Start for Ball Activities

Incorporating bean bag games into your child's routine isn't just about having fun; it's about nurturing holistic development through play. So, grab a set of Kozie Bean Bags, create a play area, and watch as your child revels in the joy of learning and growing through this timeless and versatile activity.

bean bag toss cornhole kid playing with beanbags by kozie clothes

Why Use Kozie Bean Bags?

Each Kozie bean bag is made with two different sensory tactile materials and is filled with non-molding beads in a double pocket system for extra safety. All bags are also machine washable and made with visually pleasing colors! Click here to shop for our bean bag styles today!


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