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Bean Bag Games

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Bean Bags have always been a favorite toy across generations. They’re safe to use inside and outside and can be used to promote so many wonderful Sensory Experiences through play.

So, let’s get started!

tic tac toe bean bag game sensory experience for kids by kozie clothes


  • Tic Tac Toe - Make a board with sidewalk chalk or tape. As an added challenge, have the child leaning over a therapy ball supporting themselves with one arm and playing with the other.

  • Baby in the air - Toss bean bags high into the air and catch them coming down. Bean bags are a great choice because they don’t roll away.

  • Make a homemade corn hole game with buckets or pots, and toss bean bags into the targets.

  • Hit a target for points. Make three X’s with chalk or tape vertically and try to hit each X with a bean

  • bag. Make it a challenge by assigning more points to the difficult to hit targets. If more people are

  • available, play in teams.

  • Hot potato passing a bean bag back and forth. Increase the challenge by adding an additional bean bag and playing to music.

  • Relay races of running, hopping, crawling, etc. with bean bags, on your head, back, arm, hand, or between your knees.

  • Bean bag toss instead of egg toss, take one step back after each successful catch.

  • Balance a bean bag on your head while walking a line, or balance beam, or around fun objects.

  • Bean Bag sliding board - Keep the bean bag on your head or arm when sliding down a slide.

  • Hide bean bags for a scavenger hunt.

  • Bean bag toss through a hula hoop.

  • Bean bag toss onto paper plates marked with different numbered points.

  • Children get in a line and pass the bean bag under their legs and the next child bends to grab it and then passes the next one over their head. What a great Vestibular activity!

  • Work on crossing midline by throwing bean bags at targets high and low to their left and to their right, and try switching hands! Try this while sitting, standing, or kneeling.

  • Bean bag tossing race. Two players start with the same number of bean bags on their side. Each child has to toss the bean bags over the rope, fence, chair, any boundary, one at a time as fast as

  • they can. Whoever empties their side totally wins. Get ready for lots of giggles.

  • Bean bag toss between two people while bouncing on a trampoline.

bean bag toss game sensory experience for kids by kozie clothes

The games you can play safely with Bean Bags are endless. Just use a little imagination.



  • Eye-hand coordination

  • Motor coordination

  • Balance

  • Vestibular sensory input

  • Proprioceptive sensory input

  • Endurance

  • Tactile input

  • Soft, safe toy

  • Can use inside and outside

  • Crossing midline

  • Bean bags do not roll away

  • Decreased frustration tolerance

  • Grasping and releasing practice

  • Can be a jump start for ball activities

bean bag toss cornhole kid playing with beanbags by kozie clothes


Each bag is made with two different sensory tactile materials. Each bag is filled with non-molding beads in a double pocket system for extra safety. All bags are machine washable and made with visually pleasing colors! Click here to shop for our bean bag styles today!

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