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Sensory Motor Christmas Tree Activity

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Chalked full of good fine motor, sensory, bilateral, visual, and motor planning skill building

holly and ornaments christmas by kozie clothes

christmas tree activity supplies motor skills by kozie clothes


  • Long green pipe cleaners (We used plain and sparkle)

  • Narrow wood dowels (We used 12” long 1/8” diameter)

  • Stringing beads, (Good size to sting onto the pipe cleaners)

  • Scissor

  • VARIATION:small white puff balls to glue on to mimic snowfall


  1. Cut a few pipe cleaners in half to make the top of the tree narrower then bottom

  2. Wrap one half around the dowel and twist around itself a couple of times. Wrap around dowel if want to make a smaller limb

  3. Continue down the tree wrapping pipe cleaners around themselves a couple of times to secure and then wrap around the dowel to obtain the desired length of limb

  4. We pointed tips of pipe cleaners in all different directions, this is up to the creator

  5. As you reach the bottom, wrap the green around the dowel under the bottom of the tree

  6. Hold tree in non-dominant hand and string beads onto the branches adding them is any pattern or as many on a branch as desired

  7. You can always take beads back off for sorting and add back in a different pattern

  8. VARIATION: glue on small white puff balls to mimic snow (will not be able to unstring beads)

  9. Place bottom of dowel into a plant, or Styrofoam base etc.


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