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Sleep Strategies for the Summer

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Summer is a wonderful time to engage your child in an array of fabulous sensory experiences. Summer is also the time when many children's schedules are less consistent and activity is greater ... which may cause a heightened arousal level. Because of this, bedtime may be more challenging. Addressing sleep difficulties must first exclude any medical reason and include an understanding of each child's sensory and cognitive needs.

small child sleeping peacefully by kozie clothes

Here is a list of a few possible sensory based strategies that may benefit your child:

  • Avoid stimulating games, activities, and computer activity one hour prior to bedtime

  • Be aware of the nutrition the child is consuming throughout the day

  • Avoid late night activities that bring your child to the point of exhaustion

  • Start calm down, low lights, etc. approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime

  • Calm consistent routines gives the child security

  • Social Story: You can read nightly utilizing a cognitive strategy; Read in a snug environment

  • Deep Pressure Rub or massage to the child's back, arms and legs provides calming proprioceptive sensory input

  • Child may prefer calming white noise to silence

  • Eliminate any irritating or loud, abrupt noises

  • Bed Tents provide a small, snug environment blocking out visual stimuli

  • Night light if necessary with a warm low glow

  • What type of pajamas work best for your child? Loose and comfy or tight and calming

  • Light to Medium compression shirt provided deep pressure calming input

  • Weighted Blanket prior to bed and or in bed provides deep pressure calming input

  • Body Temperature Control T-Shirt to regulate preferred body temperature and maintain sensory comfort

  • Sometimes children prefer a small space to sleep in such as pushing the bed against the wall along with favorite large stuffed animal or pillows

  • Gentle Rocking vestibular input (linear input is calming) in a chair or hammock

  • Warm soothing bath if your child enjoys the water

  • Avoid an over-stimulating, cluttered room

At Kozie Clothes, we know that all children can benefit from physical activity that involve well-thought-out motor, multi-sensory, and cognitive experiences. For children who have difficulty navigating their environment, the world can be a scary and


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