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Simple Fun Idea For Your Kids the Week Before Halloween

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Everyday have a new and different Halloween coloring page for your kids to color. We just downloaded ours from google images printable Halloween images (more complicated images) or Clip art Halloween black and white (pictures are simpler) we printed ours on heavy paper.

three kids in costumes for halloween ideas by kozie clothes

They really will be excited to see what they receive as they come home from school every day. Let it be a surprise.

One more thought, you can have your kids do some creative sensory enhancing movement to find their pages. Such as “skip around the house 2 times until you come to the back door where you will find your page” or “crawl upstairs and color your page which is taped under your desk, while laying on your back”, etc.

trick or treat halloween craft bag for kids by kozie clothes


  • Printed images

  • Glitter glue

  • Assortment of tools to “color” with such as paints, chalk, crayons, puffy paints, markers, etc.

glitter paper crafts by kozie clothes


  • Prior to the start of the week, highlight the outlining of your drawings with glitter glue creating a tactile and visual boundary

  • Decide how you want to give your child their page

  • Use any of the many different tools available for “coloring”

  • Hang them up to display for all to enjoy

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