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Boys Kozie Medical and G-Tube One-Piece Shorts - The Nathan
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"The NATHAN" is Kozie’s infant and little BOY ONE-PIECE SHORTS Bodysuit. It is carefully designed
for baby, toddler and the small child receiving G- tube feeding/abdominal feeding, Monitors, Leads,
Ports, I-Vs, Trachea, etc. This adorable sensory soft Kozie Bodysuit has snap closures at both shoulders
and crotch for easy access for many applications such as; easy on and off, Ports, cleaning around trachea, clean up from drool, spit up,

diapering/potty, etc. "THE NATHAN" provides quick hidden accessibility to the G- Tube site, all in a soft
combed cotton! Designed with the assistance of Pediatric Nurses, Special Needs Parents, and
Sensory Therapists. "So Comfy!"

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