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Christmas Reindeer Fine Motor Activity

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Christmas Reindeer Fine Motor Activity supplies by kozie clothes


  • 2 Foam Sheet (Non-stick) (9x12) Tan

  • 1 Sparkle Foam Sheet (Non-Stick)

  • Ruler and Pencil

  • Small google eyes, Red Ball Nose, Large Button, Needle and Thread

  • Scissor, Foam Glue, Stapler

  • Velcro Dots (sticky hook and loop)

Christmas Reindeer Fine Motor Activity craft supplies by kozie clothes


  1. Use ruler to draw four lines down the 12-inch length of each foam sheet 2 ¼ inch apart, yielding 4 strips per sheet.

  2. Cut strips from both sheets giving you 8 equal lengths.

  3. Take four strips and lay them out next to each other, then lay the remaining four approx. I inch overlapping the first four and staple together creating four longer total strips.

  4. Take the first three strips and match their middle-stapled areas Criss crossing like a * and staple/Glue in the middle. The final 4th strip with go on last Bring up two of the ends of one strip and overlap about 1 ½ inch and staple/Glue, bring up a second one overlapping as the last and staple/Glue all together making a solid beginning base to your ball form of the Reindeer.

  5. Bring up one end of the third strip to meet the others on top, glue and hold with non-dominant hand. When dry, Place two loop Velcro dots along the edge of the strip vertically.

  6. Bring up the other side of the third strip and place two hook Velcro dots on the underside to match up to the Velcro hook dots. Now the child can open and close this one strip.

  7. On the fourth and last strip sew a button to one end of the strip and cut a button hold slit on the other end of the strip (do not cut to near to the end, we suggest a vertical slit.

  8. Now place the middle of this strip under theball (matching staple to staple) and bring up wrapping around the ball filling in the last leg of the * and button forming the Reindeer ball, this strip can be glued on at the bottom or just left a free.

  9. Make antler pattern and trace onto the shiny foam sheet, making sure to turn the antler over so you have mirror images before cutting out.

  10. Place a dot where the antler should be placed(not anywhere on the 4th strip) and make a slit cut vertically in the foam *SMALLER than the base of the antler.

  11. Tuck the bottom of the antler through the foam.

  12. Affix red nose and google eyes.

Christmas Reindeer Fine Motor Activity finished by kozie clothes

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