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Core Strength. Does Your Child Have It?

Updated: Jan 3

What is core strength? The core is a complex series of muscles extending far beyond your abs. Excluding extremities, all parts of your body are included in this central function. The core is accessed during nearly every movement of the human body.[1]

What are the effects of poor core strength? Insufficient core strength can systemically effect other aspects of physical ability; such as posture, fine and gross motor skills,balance, endurance, attention, and timing of motor reactions. Furthermore, activities that comprise our daily lives are equally as affected. An individual may experience trouble focusing their attention, controlling emotions and behaviors, and difficulty during social or school activities.

How to spot poor core strength? Weak core strength can be identified through a number of observations. Slumping postures, W sitting, forward head lean with rounded shoulders, difficulty with gross and fine motor skills, avoidance of some playground equipment, and general clumsiness are all potential indicators.

How can we build core strength in our children? Keep It FUN! and provide opportunities targeting the central stability muscles (abdomen, buttock,back, hips and shoulder girdle), and add balance. Weight bearing, planks, bridging,and abdominal crunches all reinforce these goals. Mix it up and choose one activity at a time or add a few together in an obstacle course. Engaging your child outside is a great way to get them interested in these beneficial exercises.

child on beam child core strength by kozie clothes

Below is a list of suggested activities:[3]

  • swinging with the child pumping on their own

  • climbing up a ladder

  • jumping on a trampoline, peanut ball etc

  • crawling activities

  • riding a bike

  • swimming

  • balance beam

  • tug of war

  • riding scooter board prone

  • horseback riding

  • Karate

  • wheelbarrow walking

  • crab walking

  • slow marching with bringing the knee up high

  • climbing a tree

  • rope climbing

  • monkey bars

  • lifting up and over their heads

  • hula hoops

  • lay prone and draw with sidewalk chalk weight bearing on forearm

  • prone over ball playing with blocks, legos, cars, etc weight bearing on forearms or full arm

child on ball activity for core strength by kozie clothes

  • twister

  • frog jumping

  • kids yoga

  • sac jumping

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