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EGGS-Press Your Emotions

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

EGGS-Press Your Emotions

Throughout everyday it is so important to help children manage and appropriately express their feelings. Regulating emotion is essential for healthy social skills and a child's social/emotional well being. So while your child may feel an array of emotions, they may not have the skill set to connect with these emotions and express them appropriately.

Using colorful eggs, drawn expressions, and an egg carton, you can help teach your child to process, identify, and appropriately Eggs-press their emotions.

egg coloring kit express emotions kids by kozie clothes


  • Egg Carton

  • Paint and paint brushes

  • Plastic eggs

  • Permanent marker


  • Pick out the number of different colored plastic eggs equivalent to the number or emotions you wish to portray.

  • Draw simple emotion faces on each egg (the child may want to pick which color egg for which emotion).

  • Paint each section of the egg carton a different color to match each plastic egg

  • Now you are ready to use the Egg set to teach appropriate behaviors in response to emotional situations.

  • When you are finished using your eggs, have the child put the eggs away by matching them to the appropriate color painted in the egg carton.

colored eggs with faces emotions by kozie clothes

Then simply shut the carton ready to bring along anytime and anywhere

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