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Frog Bowling

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

cartoon frog by kozie clothes


  • Large yellow Tri-fold Presentation Board

  • Large green poster board (use two if necessary)

  • Search images of “cartoon frogs with open mouths”

  • Draw image onto green board

  • Affix to Presentation Board

  • Add Large Google Eyes (found these at Michaels)

  • Cut out Mouth

  • Play any number of games with this adorable, brightly colored, fun frog-such as:

frog bowling game by kozie clothes

  • Bowling

  • Pass back and forth up on a table

  • Use in obstacle course

  • Roll ball and try to run around to other side to retrieve

  • Lay on back over therapy ball and roll ball through the frogs mouth backwards

  • Pin the FLY in the frog’s mouth


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