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Quiet-Fun Sensory Fidget/Special Needs Therapy Tool for Kids
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Allows for fidgeting quietly anywhere providing deep pressure calming input into the hands. Fidgeting occurs for many different reasons such as to calm, keep fingers busy, stop from doing something distracting, or even harmful. Etc.  This is a perfect way to allow for safe and quiet fidgeting. Just put your wrist through the comfortable strap to keep from dropping and enjoy! 

This Sensory Fidget is designed for children/adults who may have the need to fidget for an assortment of reasons such as

    • Autism
    • Anxiety
    • Sensory seekers
    • Sensory avoiders
    • Dermatillomania
    • OCD
    • Executive function disorders
    • ADHD
    • Sensory Processing Disorders
    • Learning disabilities
    • Tourette syndrome
    • Panic disorder
    • Phobic disorders
    • PTSD
    • Social anxiety disorders
    • Attention difficulties
    • Concentration difficulties


Constructed from two different sensory fabrics for tactile sensory input. May include 100% cotton, Poly Acrylic, or Nylon Spandex

Filled with poly-beads in a double pocket

Washing Instructions:

Machine Wash Cold with like colors
Only non-chlorine bleach
Lay flat to dry

Filled with non-molding poly beads housed in a separate pouch. SAFETY is what really makes us stand out even more!  Our Sensory Fidget uses a TWO POCKET SYSTEM to house the weight beads double securely.  This attention to detail is ESSENTIAL.

    Soft wrist strap keeps bag secure, close and within reach.

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