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Button Flower Play

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

flower drawing by kozie clothes

fabric for sensory activities by kozie clothes


  1. Fabric that can be easily rolled (We used Burlap)

  2. Felt in different colors

  3. Heavy paper to make flower template

  4. Fun large buttons

  5. Large eye needle and thread

  6. Thin green ribbon

flower and button crafts by kozie clothes


  1. Cut rolled fabric to desired length

  2. Make a template for the flower from Construction Paper

  3. Lay out the flower template and trace on different colored felt, cut out as many as desired (We used 12)

  4. Lay out buttons on fabric in design you like

  5. Sew the buttons onto the roll fabric

  6. Cut a 1” slit into each of the flowers

  7. Button the flowers onto the fabric

  8. Thread the Big Needle with the green ribbon. Sew the Ribbon in and out of the rolled fabric to make the stems.

  9. Now your child can either match the flower to the button or mix and match

  10. Can be easily rolled up for quiet play in car or Grandmom’s house

Variation: Add snaps to some of the flowers. Sew large button onto front of the flower. Sew one part of snap onto back of the flower. Sew second part of snap on to rolled fabric. Practice snaps and buttons

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